Philosophers Stone Tour from izmir



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To understand our times, we must understand ancient civilizations.


In this Tour we promise you the visits



 Temple of Apollo in Didyma


 You have a chance to see Alexander the Great’s house in this tour.

  The third biggest temple of the ancient World is in this tour.

 The first philosophers were here.

 The start of the battles between the Greeks and Persians happened here with Lade sea war.

 What can tyrants do to the people? The answer was already given 2500 years ago.


When we speak about the most sophisticated civilizations of the ancient times, it is impossibile not to mention the names of Priene and Miletos. The father of geometry, one the seven sages of the World, Thales is from Miletos. The first grid planned city in the World is Priene. The same system is being used today in Newyork. Its architect was from Miletos and he was one of the first city planners of the World, Ippodamos.  Have you ever heard of Haghia Sophia? If yes, do you think it is a coincidince that Isodorus, one of the two architects of it, is from Miletos? Anaximenes – Anaximandros and many more..

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  • See Alexander the Great’s house
  • The third biggest temple of the ancient World
  • The first philosophers were here.